Dear valued customers

  1. We do not provide warranty if no extra warranty payment

  2. We make sure only original and new

  3. Please contact support if you have any issues.  E-mail: ulifedubai@gmail.com

  4. profit is too less as a outlet wholesale-target shop, so pls kindly understand for such price there is no extra service

Here you can buy Warranty Package to guarantee your shopping experience

Claims for the quality and completeness are accepted only if there is a Video of unpacking and testing of the received product:


  1. The video should be shot in one take. No pauses. The camera angle must be positioned in a way that doesn’t let the product out of sight. Otherwise, suspicions may arise that something is changed behind the scenes. And the seller will have a reason to accuse you of fraud.
  2. Do not edit video under any circumstances.
  3. When unpacking the parcel, open the package carefully. If the fragile product was poorly packaged, then point that out in your video.
  4. Test the product and carefully inspect it for any defects.
  5. If you find any problems with the product, show them from different angles and as close as possible to the camera. So that issue was visible as the best, and the seller and mediators do not have any doubts.
  6. If you received the wrong color, then find something in the right color to show the difference. So that the seller does not have the opportunity to say that you just have problems with the color reproduction of the camera or monitor.
  7. If you are opening a package with appliances, then choose a place for filming near the outlet in case the battery is low and you need to connect the product to the charger.
  8. If you need additional accessories or devices for testing the product, then make sure that they are at hand at the time of unpacking. So that you do not have to stop the video to find them.
  9. Keep the unboxing video for 15 days so that you can open a dispute in case you find problems with the product later.